Safety Consultant
OSHA Safety Advisors

At Luna Safety Services our safety consultants work with companies before, during and after OSHA inspections. We evaluate current safety policies and procedures and if they do not exist, we will write them to fit your employees safety needs. We also review Workers Compensation history and determine any improvements that can be made for potential decrees of exposure. 

Luna Safety Services also provides OSHA Compliance Inspections with detailed reports. Get ahead of surprise OSHA inspections with internal evaluations and OSHA 300 log training.

Onsite Safety Inspections OSHA Standards

Whether you have government contracts requiring specific safety standards or if you are a private manufacturer trying to reduce the amount of workers compensation claims; you can benefit from an onsite safety inspection. As experienced safety consultants and OSHA Authorized Trainers, Luna Safety Services will assess and eliminate workplace safety hazards while keeping your business in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Save your business from costly workers comp claims and protect the welfare of your staff with a simple call to Luna Safety Services.

A Safety Consultant is a trained and certified health and safety professional who performs on-site inspections at a client’s workplace and provides two very important tasks:

 First, keeping workers safe by assessing and eliminating workplace safety hazards by gathering observational data, interviewing workers, preforming tests, analyzing data, and measuring risks.

Second, by helping businesses comply with complex state and federal occupational workplace regulations, such as OSHA Standards.

If you want to save your business from serious financial losses and protect the welfare of your staff, a safety consultant may be right for you. Some of the most disastrous events can occur in a workplace if health and safety protocols are not being followed.

A consultant can reduce overhead costs associated with workers compensation and losses for injuries.

Your employees will be more willing to stay and work for a company that invests in their well-being. Employee absences will reduce as they feel safer and more valued.

Job Hazard Analysis JHA Training & Consulting

Have you recently added new employees, new machinery or new work processes? Don’t create safety procedures from incidents, we can spot those safety issues before they become a workers comp claim. How? We choose a specific job to analyze, evaluate tasks and tools, determine the hazards and risks, develop preventative controls and document and prepare a Job Hazard Analysis report. We put the processes in place for a new hazardous job function to prevent any near miss.

JHA is a method for identifying and evaluating potential hazards associated with tasks (steps) with a specific job or activity or mitigating them prior to conducting work.

Examples of hazards include working at heights, slippery surfaces, exposed moving machinery parts, fire, explosion, noise, electricity, toxic emissions, corrosive chemicals, low oxygen, repetitive tasks, heavy lifting, infectious bloodborne pathogens, assault, and homicide.

Step One: Choose a Job to Analyze

Step Two: Identify job site needs and task breakdown

Step Three: Determine Hazards and Risks

Step Four: Develop Preventive Controls

Step Five: Document and Share Job Hazard Analysis Reports

Safety works best when management and employees are both involved. This is true of the JHA process as well. Remember, it’s their job, and they probably know it better than you do. This will also help you get their buy-in for this process and safety in general

Some OSHA Standards require a JHA, including Bloodborne Pathogens and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards, but many are used by employers voluntarily as part of their safety and health program.