Occupational Health Services

Looking to add an employee wellness program to your company?  Do you have a program, but would like to improve it by adding the oversight of a certified occupational health nurse?

Luna Safety Services has an experienced certified nurse on staff that can help by providing the following services:

Work Comp Case Management

Our certified nurse can review your Worker’s Compensation claims to find the best way to implement reductions and improvements.

Pre-Employment Physicals

In many cases, we can reduce the costs of pre-employment physicals by providing them onsite.

Pre-Employment and Random Drug Screenings

We can provide drug screening at your jobsite which yields real time results and increases efficiency of the hiring process.

Train Staff on Injury Triage and Treatment

 Looking to have first responders onsite?  Do you have First Responders, but would like to set up real world drills?  Our certified nurse can train them in various life support functions and can design drills that are relative to their work environment.

Ergo Assessment/Back Safety Training

Ergonomics training and review is essential for any work environment.  From using a jackhammer to sitting at a desk for 8 hours per day, ergo associated injuries can drive up costs for a company.  Our certified nurse can review all of your job positions and give recommendations on improvements.

Maintenance of OSHA Logs

Collection of data and submittal of OSHA logs can be a bit overwhelming.  Our certified nurse can review all of your OSHA log data to ensure it is accurate prior to submittal.

Custom Wellness Programs for Your Business

Looking to have Wellness Fairs onsite to give your employees access to health information and vaccines?  Our certified nurse can help you design and implement fairs as a one-time event or on a regular scheduled basis.

Train Staff on Record Keeping and Health and Safety Documentation

Do you need a one-time review and training for your team?  Our certified nurse can do an overall review on requirements to ensure that your team is up to date on information.