Why Luna Safety For Worker Safety?

We offer custom solutions for your unique business. Even in the same industry there are widely different production techniques, equipment used, experience of employees, experience of supervisors, implementation of new machinery, various levels of hazardous materials present and hundreds of details between. We help our clients stay in compliance to keep government contracts, reduce recurring injuries and reduce worker’s comp claims through training, consulting and implementing custom policies and procedures into your employees daily tasks.

Luis & Rana Salinas

Luis and Rana Salinas have a combined experience of over 50 years in the Environmental, Health and Safety field. 

Luis began his EHS journey as a Chemical Operations Specialist in the United States Army for 8 years.  After proudly serving and being honorably discharged in 2001, he has held various EHS and Risk Management roles in private industry that include Manufacturing, Hospitality, Aerospace and Real Estate Management. 

In 2001, Rana began her journey in the safety field as a security officer for an aerospace company.  Since then, she has steadily served in various EHS roles in industries including Manufacturing, Hospitality, Foreign Affairs and Security Management for armed and unarmed services. 

In 2023, after becoming empty-nesters, Luis and Rana decided to start Luna Safety Services to help businesses build strong safety programs that are morally and financially impactful.

Pablo Landaverde

Pablo Landaverde is a seasoned Health and Safety Manager with over 16 years of experience in Occupational Safety, spanning diverse sectors such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, and hospitality. Passionate about safety, Pablo believes in empowering employees through training and mentoring to enhance personal safety and hazard awareness. He advocates for comprehensive safety programs in companies of all sizes, ensuring employee health and safety both on and off the job. Pablo’s expertise encompasses conducting detailed accident investigations, developing safety audit programs, crafting safety policies, and delivering OSHA-based training designed to foster a safety-conscious workplace culture. With a deep understanding of regulatory environments, Pablo has extensive experience working with Federal OSHA, Cal/OSHA, and other state OSHA-approved plans, ensuring compliance and best practices across all operational settings. Holding a degree in Occupational Health and Safety, his broad experience includes managing safety programs, delivering effective safety training, and developing audit programs that uphold safety standards. Beyond his professional pursuits, Pablo is deeply committed to community involvement and cherishes exploring nature with his family, leading a balanced life that highlights his dedication to safety and well-being.

Ron Bougher

Ron Bougher has spent 32 years as a Registered Nurse with the last 15 years in Occupational Health nursing.  He has brought his background and knowledge to the benefit of clients to open and grow onsite clinics during this time.

Graduated from nursing school in 1992. Has worked in acute care, home care and Hospice care prior to his most recent Occupational Health experience.

Experienced in opening and training staff in Occupational Health settings. OHM, Drug testing, OSHA and Workers Comp case management. Started and maintained First Responder, Wellness and Ergonomic programs. In working with ART program have brought OSHA recordables to near zero.

Ron currently lives in Florida with his wife also a Registered Nurse their 2 dogs and a bird’